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Adetem, the French association which brings together marketing professionals who are committed to the development of more responsible marketing, publishes a Book which aims to renew the communication and marketing sector.

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In 2021, Adetem, which works for more responsible marketing, has launched the Collectif RESPONSABLES! by Adetem. This collective is made up of 28 committed members who want to reflect on the responsibilities of marketing, and act to transform businesses. These professionals work on issues of responsible business transformation in CSR and RSM.

The RESPONSIBLE Collective! publish his Book of speakerswhich lists expertise on various responsible marketing topics to help companies in the sector that wish to make a long-term commitment.

Engage, inspire, federate

But what is the purpose of this Book of Speakers ? ” It is for each of us, members of the Collective, to demonstrate, with our sensibilities, our expertise and our backgrounds, that marketing is a stakeholder in the responsible transformation of companies, brands and offers, or even customer journey ยป, declares Florent Argentier, Coordinator of the Collectif Responsables! by Adetem, and Consultant in management and business transformation at Cabinet Adix, in a press release.

The members of the collective and marketing professionals bring their expertise around the following themes: the customer experience and the offer; the impact of products and services; responsible packaging; the creation and operational deployment of a responsible offer; the brand strategy vector of transformation; the sustainable marketing strategy; responsible digital and digital marketing; ensuring consistency between a company’s commitment and that of its brand(s); the data responsible; environmental and carbon commitments; press relations and corporate communication; or customer management…

From CSR to RSM via responsible marketing

Adetem and the members of the collective, undertake to intervene with professionals who wish to develop marketing towards a more committed and responsible sector, by offering an introduction to CSR then by giving its keys, introducing them to RSM and deciphering its characteristics, then concluding with their own definition of responsible marketing. “Responsible marketing is committed marketing, respectful of the planet and people. In a context of global change, it drives the dynamics of companies’ transition towards value creation models that meet the challenges of sustainable development”, explains the Adetem.

Each expert of this collective can thus intervene on responsible marketing and communication professions and speak according to the desired theme with members of the sector who would like to set up new responsible projects.

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