Actress Nadia Topalova died

Actress Nadia Topalova, who played dozens of memorable roles on the stage of the Youth Theater in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, died at the age of 87, her relatives announced on Facebook.

Nadia Topalova was born on September 25, 1935 in Sofia. She has been acting on stage since she was 11 years old. Later, she graduated from a three-year acting school and went to work at the theater in the town of Stanke Dimitrov (today Dupnitsa), and then at the Pleven Theater, where she was noticed by the then director of the Youth Theater Prof. Krastyo Mirski. Since 1959, the beautiful and talented actress has been in his troupe, in which she is an undisputed star and one of the pillars of the repertoire – both for children and for adults.

In 1992, in the prime of her life, Nadia Topalova was retired under the infamous art. 328, the so-called “the Kapudaliev law”, which put an end to the careers of some of the biggest Bulgarian actors. Together with her, the aces of the Youth Theater – Vladimir Smirnov, Nikolay Uzunov, her husband and her great love Georgi Djubrilov and others – retired. Topalova never returned to the stage, but soon after wrote her autobiographical book “SOS”.

The actress has been actively engaged in dubbing since the 60s. She has voiced characters in the popular TV series “The Maze Family”, “Mind the White Dolphin”, “Blue Summer”, “Arabella”, “Ninja Turtles”, as well as in the animated films “Bambi”, “Cinderella”, “Shrek 2”, etc. .

She is the first Bulgarian actress who gave her voice to Bart Simpson from “The Simpsons” on BNT in the 90s. “She voiced the mouse and Slava Racheva the cat in the first series of “Tom and Jerry” on Bulgarian TV. She and Slavka were wonderful Tom and Jerry,” former BNT journalist Eleana Shoselova wrote on Facebook in a comment under the sad news of Topalova’s death, reported by her relative.

Nadia Topalova has left! This is a wonderful actress and, together with her husband – Georgi Djubrilov, loyal fans of “Levski”. We have had wonderful moments with them, even at the European Cup in Budapest. Only the two of them played in one performance – I attended the 100th performance – I have no words to describe their perfect transformation. One by one, parts of my life are leaving, wrote the widow of the great CSKA player Krasi Bezinski.


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