Activesphere: Audi’s next concept car will be unveiled on January 26

The launch of Audi’s next concept car is set for January 26. To make us wait, the manufacturer lifts the veil on a few images. The Activesphere follows the Skysphere, Grandsphere and Urbansphere concepts, each representing trends in the coupes, sedans and city cars of the future.

Although these are only images at the moment low key, we can guess a coupe body, two doors, as well as a sporty silhouette but with a raised ground clearance. Audi claims that the Activesphere “combines elegance and outstanding off-road performance“. There are also four seats inside, and the manufacturer says that its concept car will be equipped with the new generation of infotainment for a “unique experience — beyond the car itself“. We can’t wait to find out what that means…

audi activesphere suv coupe

If we obviously do not have information on the technical details, its design is geared towards automated driving with an entirely electric motorization. The vehicle could therefore be based on the PPE platform, which makes it possible to carry batteries up to 120 kWh.

But above all, the Activesphere foreshadows the style of the brand’s next productions, with a wide angular grille, ultra-thin lights and wide wheel arches. See you on January 26 during the event Celebration of Progress to know more…

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