Abus Granit XPlus 540 review: a U-lock that goes straight to the point

Design & Ergonomics

U-locks aren’t the most compact or portable locks. However, this Abus Granit XPlus 540 is not the worst in its category on this point. With “only” 1.5 kg on the scale, it remains quite light for its category, especially for a model that promises such a level of protection.

Its weight is not necessarily a problem, but its length is more problematic for transport. The version we’re testing here doesn’t have a bike frame mount. It will therefore be necessary to slip the Granit XPlus into a backpack. The machine is still quite thin and is not too restrictive.

The seriousness of Abus is found in the finishes of the Granit XPlus 540. The materials used are robust and nothing comes to waver the impression of durability of this lock. Its entire surface is covered with a material that avoids scratching its bike frame. Only the two ends of the handle may present a risk when installing the lock.

Locking is done with a key. Two copies are provided by the brand, as well as an identification card to redo another key at a professional if necessary. One of the keys is equipped with a button which activates a very useful LED to locate the lock in the dark. The lock itself is protected by a cover that automatically folds down to protect it from water and dust intrusion.

U-locks are not the most practical to use because of their shape and rigidity. The Granit XPlus 540 is nevertheless distinguished by its rather thin headband and its good length. Enough to get the frame and a fixing point quite easily, sometimes even including the front wheel or a second bike.

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