Abus Granit CityChain XPlus 1060 test: a reference chain

Design & Ergonomics

Anti-theft chains are generally preferred to U chains for their greater transportability. The Granit XPlus 1060 110 cm, however, displays measurements that do not make it a pocket model. Above all, its 2.6 kg is quickly felt in a bag.

As often with chains, no transport support is provided by Abus. The chain should be slipped into the bottom of your backpack, in a bag, or wrapped around one of the uprights of the bike, if possible.

The excellent finishes of the Granit Xplus 1060 reflect what Abus is used to offering. The materials give full confidence. The fabric that surrounds the chain seems very resistant and durable. It proves to be very useful anyway to avoid scratching the bike.

The lock is locked with a key. The lock used by Abus is concealed by a cover which folds down automatically. Enough to protect the hole against water and dust intrusion, while complicating the task for picking. We feel a few hitches when inserting the key in the lock, especially blind.

The advantage of a chain lies partly in its flexibility to cling to various attachment points. The Granit CityChain XPlus 1060 offers a length of 44 cm when closed. Enough to easily grab the front wheel, the frame and a hanging point on many bikes.

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