Abus Bordo 6500K Granit test: a very practical and resistant folding lock

Design & Ergonomics

Representative of the family of folding — and foldable — locks, the Bordo 6500K comes in the form of a chain with 6 riveted segments for a length of 90 cm when unfolded. Its 5.5 mm thick segments fold up for easy transport. Its certain compactness does not make it particularly light since it displays 1.7 kg on the scale (1.9 kg with its support).

To transport it easily and always have it on hand, the Bordo 6500K comes with a support that can be attached to the frame of a bicycle. Once secured to the seat tube, the bottle cage location or the top tube, everything stays perfectly in place when riding. Inserting and removing the 6500K from its mount is hassle-free. Simple and efficient. The compactness of the assembly allows the lock to be easily slipped into a backpack or satchel.

The finishes are excellent. The materials used seem robust and the assembly shows no weakness. No play is to be deplored, even for the parts which link two segments together. The edges of the Abus lock are covered with a layer of rubber which softens the contact with the frame and strongly limits the probability of scratching it.

This type of lock is much more permissive than a U in its placement. The different shapes that can be adopted make it possible to obtain a maximum length of 31 cm. This allows a certain latitude in the choice of the fixing point and makes it easy to pick up the front wheel and the frame.

The lock is concealed by 2 small flaps which automatically fold down in front of it. This complicates its picking, on the one hand, but above all limits the infiltration of water and dust which eventually deteriorates the lock. Inserting and removing the key to open it is done without any trouble. This makes it easier to open when you can’t see the lock very well.

Abus provides two keys with its Bordo 6500K. One of them is equipped with a small led which is activated by means of a button to locate the hole even when it is dark. This avoids complicated manipulations with the smartphone flash on in one hand, and the key painfully trying to enter the lock in the other hand. Abus also provides a card that allows you to redo a key if needed.

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5


The segments are made of hardened steel with a thickness of 5.5 mm. The cylinder of the lock is for its part well sheltered in a fairly massive block. This format makes the Bordo 6500K impervious to attacks by cutting pliers or bolt cutters. Even after trying our luck for several minutes, we were unable to do more than scratch the Abus lock.

But there is one immutable rule: no lock is inviolable. Faced with our Bosch Professional GWS 18V-7 cordless angle grinder and its 4 Ah battery, even the strongest tremble. This easily transportable tool is now, unfortunately, well into the arsenal of bike thieves.

The Abus Bordo 6500K lasted 45 seconds against our metal disc. Hardened steel holds up quite well, but the thickness cuts through pretty quickly. Once a link is cut, the whole thing falls. On this point, U-locks like the Decathlon Btwin U 900 take longer to cut.

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