Abandoned by his own: In the dugouts near Kharkiv, a Russian fighter roars and says goodbye to his wife

The situation of the Russian aggressors, who got into the zone of the Kharkiv counter-offensive, was dramatic, and they themselves did not expect that they would meet a fiery resistance from the Ukrainians and that they would be abandoned by their own people. This is shown by conversations from the “phone library” of the Security Service of Ukraine, which Kyiv’s intelligence intercepted in the area of ​​hostilities. Under the pressure of the VSU, the Russians load the corpses of their killed comrades and say goodbye to their relatives over the phone, and all this sows despair in the ranks of the Russian army.

According to the fragments released by the Ukrainian intelligence, the enemy units were abandoned to the will of fate – killed, wounded, without ammunition, without aviation support, and instead of being treated in an infirmary, they had to carry out combat tasks and defend foreign frontiers. territory. The emotional exhaustion is so strong that at one point the Russian serviceman starts screaming and his wife has to calm him down. Publishing the phone conversation, the Security Service of Ukraine commented: “The desperation and stress suffered by the aggressors is nothing compared to the consequences of the war and the crimes committed against Ukrainians. That is why our defenders will drive the Rashists from our land to complete victory.”

The entire conversation is filled with profanity characteristic of the Russian language, which we have tried to translate as closely as possible to the corresponding vocabulary used in the Bulgarian language.

They pushed us a little bit here. Now we are resting a bit, I don’t know how it will be next, will I be able to call or not.

In what sense, they pushed, what happened?

It hit us a little bit.

But it’s work. At least how are you, alive, healthy? How are things with you?

I have nothing, my hands, arms and legs.

What, are you injured?

Shards hit me a bit.

Are you serious? Or what?

It’s normal, bear with it.

And how is it with you? Why don’t they send you there to the hospital?

Because we have a combat task to hold the line.

What are they there, is it quite…avat?

In short, now… we’ve stuck to bear the pain a little and we’ll go on a mission again.

What the hell, a task? You are all for a hospital.

What a hospital, there are already about 1,500 people in the hospital without us, the hospital is full. They were like that all night today. (explosion is heard) Oh shit.

They’re fucking there, are they really..avat?

Here, the Khokhls (Ukrainians, b. r.) are generally pushing from all sides, damn it, they broke through the defenses everywhere, damn it. The day before yesterday we walked 150 kilometers, there they shot. They broke through the defense there, they screwed everything up, damn it. Shibano was there, cruel. Balakleia was already taken, all of it, completely taken. We cannot hold the defense, they have too strong weapons compared to ours. We asked for aviation support, we were told, k*r, keep the defense as you want.

Dogs, as in this, damn… In Afghanistan with Chechnya.

It’s scary, a fucking job. (cries)

It’s scary, Rabbit, scary. I know. But you have to behave.

I’m already crazy loading guys.

That’s it, don’t worry, everything will be normal. Don’t spill.

Everything hurts (he doesn’t understand)

Rabbit, don’t get wet. I’m telling you, don’t cry. Enough.

But I have neither strength nor nerves anymore. I’m covered in blood, damn it. We ain’t got no shells, no guns, no shit. Bullets left, shit, everyone has one magazine, shit.

Everything will be fine, they will bring you. They said they would bring you.

Who knows when those planes… Will they ever fly here again. Four were flying, they didn’t fly, shit, they were shot down.


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