A woman with cerebral palsy has accused Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter of rape

Nick Carter of the American boy band Backstreet Boys has been accused of rape by a former fan who claims he assaulted her in 2001 when she was 17 years old, overseas media reported.

Shannon Ruth held a press conference with her attorney, in which she said she filed a sexual assault lawsuit against the performer after the band’s concert in Tacoma, Washington.

Although I am autistic and suffer from cerebral palsy, I claim that nothing in my life has hurt me more than what Nick Carter did to me“, Ruth, who is 39 years old today, shared through tears.

After the concert in Tacoma, she asked him for an autograph, and he invited her onto the band’s bus, offering her a strange-tasting drink that was described as “VIP juice,” attorney Mark Boskovich said. “After she drank what Carter gave her, he took her to the bus toilet, ordered her to kneel and forced her to perform oral sex“, adds the lawyer. According to him, the teenage girl, who was a virgin, cried and begged the singer not to do it, but he did not pay any attention to her requests, behaving aggressively. Then he raped her.

Carter, now 42, insulted her and told her that no one would believe her if she told the truth, the victim’s representative said.

Ruth filed her lawsuit in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she and Carter live, BTA writes. The complaint includes statements from three more anonymous women who also claim that they were raped by the musician.

In 2017, Nick Carter was accused of raping singer Melissa Shuman. Carter denied her allegations, and prosecutors did not file charges due to the statute of limitations.

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