A washing machine just 40 cm wide at Indesit


It’s not always easy to find a corner at home to place a washing machine. Indesit has thought about small spaces and offers the BTWL50300FR, a 40cm wide model, which, even for a top-opening model, is rather compact.

Top-loading washing machines are designed for small-area homes. Indeed, they generally measure 45 cm wide while porthole devices reach 60 cm. However, Indesit goes one step further with the BTWL50300FR top-opening model, which is no more than 40cm wide. Of course, a few concessions had to be made and it can only carry 5 kg of laundry in its small 42-litre drum. Due to its opening system, it is not possible to position it under a worktop or to install anything above the hatch.

It is not in this type of apartment that you are likely to find a compact washing machine like the BTWL50300FR.

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The BTWL50300FR is very clearly an entry-level device that embeds fairly basic technologies. The spin speed, for example, is only 1000 rpm when you can expect 1200 or even 1400 rpm on this type of washing machine. In the same vein, the delayed start lacks a little flexibility since there are only five settings offered: 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours.

Nevertheless, Indesit has renewed its flagship system of easy programming stamped Turn&Go: in case of doubt on the program to use, just choose this cycle and launch it. This has been configured to wash all textiles without any risk of damaging them. Inevitably, the parameters selected (temperature, spin speed, etc.) may not be sufficient for the most encrusted stains. Regulars of laundries will obviously have several other more classic programs, depending on the type of textile and the temperature of the water.

Washing machine BTWL50300FR

The control panel is quite simple.

© Indesit

Note that the device is stingy in additional options. No question, for example, of reinforcing the rinsing phases or modulating the duration of the cycle according to the needs, as authorized by certain Electrolux washing machines with the TimeManager function.

However, thanks to these limited technologies, Indesit manages to limit the cost of the BTWL50300FR top-loading washing machine. Indeed, you can easily get it for less than 350 €.

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