A VIDEO of a Russian hero under fire has become a global hit

Video footage shot by a VSU drone showing unsuccessful attempts to hit a Russian soldier with grenades was released online, world media reported.

The video shows Ukrainian soldiers using a drone to throw grenades and bombs at a Russian soldier. But the fearless soldier successfully throws aside all the enemy ammunition that hit him.

Later, more details about the dramatic military incident became clear. According to the information, the Russian soldier was still injured, but he survived and is now recovering. This is reported by world publications, citing colleagues of the soldier, who told about the case on the Internet.

According to them, the “meeting” with the drone took place back in March near the village of Malaya Rogan in Kharkiv region. The hero of the video is a soldier from the 138th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces. There is no official information about the incident.

Twitter users admired the courage of the Russian fighter throwing grenades at the APU

Abroad, the Russian soldier is widely admired for deftly throwing grenades fired at him by a Ukrainian drone.

Users of the social network “Twitter” reacted very violently to the video that appeared, noting the courage of the fighter.

“Brave man,” wrote one user.

“Legend,” said another.

Another user noted that the Russian military “deserve to live and see their children again.” Additionally, another user jokingly wrote that he needed a soldier to buy him a lottery ticket.

“I’m glad he didn’t get hurt by it,” the user admitted.

“Wounded Russian soldier, alone in trench, bats away Ukrainian drone grenades like flies,” wrote another commenter.

In addition, social networks were outraged that The Telegraph suspended YouTube comments on a video featuring a Russian serviceman.


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