A UEFA person does not give Levski a big chance – BG Football – Euro participants

A UEFA person does not give Levski a big chance – BG Football – Euro participants

Levski have an extremely slim chance of getting a UEFA replay of the second leg of the third qualifying round of the Conference League against Hamrun Spartans, which Stanimir Stoilov’s side lost on penalties. As it is known, the “blues” requested a re-run of the match, since the second goal of the Maltese team in the meeting of “Gerena” on Thursday has a formal violation of the rules, which was not registered by the work of the Romanian referee brigade, led by Istvan Kovac .

UEFA match delegate Igor Radojcic, who is the secretary of the refereeing committee of the Serbian Football Union, explained the case to the local publication Alo.rs. The reason our western neighbor is interested in the development of the situation is related to the fact that Partizan has to play Hamrun Spartans or Levski in the Conference League playoffs.

“Yes, there is a violation of Rule 8, which explains how a cross should be taken at the start of each half or after a goal. I don’t think there will be a replay. The situation is seen as a blunder of the whole brigade. This should have been noticed by the main referee, his assistants or the fourth official. I understand Levski’s reasons for filing an appeal, but that will not be enough to call for a new match. A violation of the rule is not. “There could have been a replay if a goal was awarded with a direct kick on an indirect free kick, without the ball touching a second person or with 12 opposing players on the field,” explained Radojcic.

A similar position was also expressed to “Match Telegraph” by a representative of the judges’ commission at the BFS, who, however, wished to remain anonymous. According to him, there is only a 2% chance that UEFA will order a replay of the match between Levski and Hamrun.

“It’s just that UEFA doesn’t like replays. In addition, I want to tell you that the term “formal violation of the rules” does not exist for the European headquarters. There are actually violated. The most to punish the judge. It’s like scoring a goal from a 30-meter corner kick. Yes, it would have been clearly seen and proven on the record, but since there is no VAR – things cannot go back. “, claims the native judge representative.

“If there was VAR, Hamrun’s second goal would certainly not have been disallowed. But unfortunately there wasn’t. I can give another example. Let’s assume that there was a penalty for Hamrun, Mihailov saves it (regularly and without going forward), but a person from the Maltese, who entered the penalty area before the execution, brought it in, and the referee concedes the goal – this is again a referee’s error. But nothing more will be done and a match cannot be replayed for such a thing. If matches were replayed for such obvious refereeing errors, there should be 15 of them per week. At most, reduce the judge’s or judges’ marks. But in Levski, perhaps they are right to try to the end to do everything. There is a 1-2% chance that they will decide to respect the contestation, but hardly,” adds the specialist.