A surprise landing! Russian special forces captured a strategic island…

The adviser in the office of the Ukrainian president, Oleksiy Arestovych, unexpectedly announced that the Russians had landed troops on the strategically important island of Golyam Potemkin. The island actually controls the mouth of the Dnieper and is only 250 kilometers from Kherson.

“They landed special forces there and are trying to control the mouth of the Dnieper,” Arestovich was quoted as saying by the country’s media.

Ukrainian military expert Mashovets specifies that the island was occupied by the forces of the 80th Motorized Rifle Brigade (14th Army Corps of the Northern Fleet), the 25th Regiment of the Special Forces of the GRU and a company of the BARS unit (Russian volunteer reservists). .

The landing took place on the southern coast of the island on the side of Russian-controlled Belogrodovo. The Russian group occupied the southern and southeastern part, conducting reconnaissance to Lake Zakytnoe, moving to the northern coast of the island.

Military observers note that until recently the island was connected to Kherson by a bridge, but there is currently no information on its current status.

The reasons for the landing were not specified by the Russian command, but according to experts, the strategic island could be a springboard for the capture of Kherson. The ability to deploy military equipment and radar equipment makes this position extremely advantageous.


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