A supermarket chain in Germany refused to sell Coca-Cola because of a price increase

The chain of supermarkets “Edeka” (Edeka) refused to sell “Coca-Cola” after the manufacturer announced a price increase from September 1, informs in “Bild”.

The publication reported that in July the retail chain learned of plans by The Coca-Cola Company to raise the prices of all its products, but did not agree to this development and warned that it could remove its products from the shelves of its stores .

“Food should not become a luxury product”, “Bild” quotes the words of the head of “Edeka” Markus Mose.

The Berlin-Brandenburg trade association said such price increases by manufacturers and suppliers were not an isolated case. “Many manufacturers have recently raised prices under the pretext of inflation in order to make a profit,” said Nils Busch-Petersen, a spokesman for the organization.

Edeka’s competitor, the Rewe chain (with over 3,300 stores), also said it would not accept a price increase on all products and was even prepared to accept possible losses.

The retail giant’s boss told Wirschaftspublicistische Fereinigung that consumers in Germany should brace themselves for even higher food prices as big suppliers in particular continue to take advantage of price moves to boost profits you are

Earlier, Germany’s Federal Statistical Office reported that consumer prices in Germany increased by 7.9% in August compared to the same period last year. Inflation in Germany reached 7.5% in July and 7.6% in June. In May, it reached a record 7.9%, exceeding the maximum value for the third time in a row. The last time inflation was this high was in the winter of 1973/1974, when oil prices soared as a result of the oil crisis.

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