A student at our university, but he also takes a diploma from the USA, Germany, China

Students in joint programs are increasing rapidly in 24 Bulgarian universities

Nearly 5,200 Bulgarian students are studying in joint programs with foreign universities in the spring of 2022. The data are from the new edition of the Ranking System of Higher Education Institutions in Bulgaria.

The comparison shows that the number of students studying for two degrees is increasing rapidly. 2 years ago there were 3,700.

There are 77 joint programs that lead to a diploma from a foreign higher education institution. There are 24 Bulgarian higher education institutions in 24 professional fields. The most are in Economics -17, Administration and Management – 11, Tourism – 10, Communication and Computer Engineering -7, Philology – 7, Informatics and Computer Science – 6, and General Engineering – 6.

The foreign universities – partners of ours in these programs, are from all over the world – from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Greece, to China and Russia.

You can find a full list of joint programs and which universities they are at here

The oldest active joint program was established in 1990 between the Technical University – Sofia and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – Germany, with training in German in the specialty “General Mechanical Engineering” for bachelors and masters. It is an interesting fact that TU Sofia has two of the newest joint programs opened in 2022 together with seven European universities (with specializations “Telecommunications” and “Mechanical Engineering”). A new Bulgarian university also has a new joint program from 2022 with the University of York – Great Britain (majoring in English and professional communication).

The University of Sofia – 10, and the Technical University – Sofia, 10, followed by the Higher School of Management – Varna, 8, New Bulgarian University – 6, Agricultural University – Plovdiv, 5 and Southwest University – 5, have the largest number of joint programs. -a large proportion of students study in joint programs at the American University. Upon graduation, they receive two diplomas (Bulgarian and American). Seven higher schools offer training to doctoral students in joint programs.

In more than half of the programs, teaching is in English, but there are also a number of programs in Bulgarian, Russian, German, and French.

In joint programs are:

  • Contracts for joint educational activity with foreign higher schools, providing for the issuance of double diplomas and/or joint diplomas;
  • Contracts for educational franchise with foreign universities;
  • Accreditations from foreign accreditation agencies for individual professional fields in Bulgarian higher education institutions or foreign accreditation for the Bulgarian higher education institution.


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