A star is born: Boris became a sensation before “The Voice of Bulgaria” started

The ninth season of “The Voice of Bulgaria” starts on Sunday at 20:00 on bTV, but even before that, a young man has become a sensation and, although unknown to the general audience, is accumulating views at a supersonic speed on Youtube.

This is the 33-year-old Boris Lapshov, for whom the coaches almost did not hold back. Ivan Lechev blocked Galena so that he could not take him to his team.

Boris, from Sofia, studied under Tsvetana Maneva and Snezhina Petrova at NBU. Over the years, he worked with composer Rumen Tsonev, and studied in America, where he met Krikor Azarian in the performance “Cherry Orchard”. He graduated from the University of Chicago in Acting for Theater and Cinema.

Besides the attractive performance of Boris, unexpected twists and broken rules will thrill the viewers of the beloved music show in its first episode. The performances of each of the four star coaches in the show – Galena, DARA, Lyubo Kirov and Ivan Lechev – will give a strong and emotional start to the season.

The choice of Master Lechev to play FSB’s “On the Road” is not accidental at all. With it, he will wish a symbolic “good night” to the new season of the only music television show of its kind in our country. With a lot of spirit and genuine excitement, each of the other coaches will present one of their greatest hits. Minutes before the new voices take over the “Voice of Bulgaria” stage, it will be announced by the impressive “Feeling force” by Lyubo Kirov, the super popular and electrifying “Thunder” by DARA and the mega hit of Galena – “Heart”.

After these exceptional first minutes of the season, the coaches will take their seats with their backs to the stage to embark on the search for the new “voice of Bulgaria”. The adventure this autumn promises to be more than interesting – for everyone in the hall and in front of the screens, and of course for the participants. Many surprises and unexpected twists, great voices, different colorful timbres, exciting destinies and emotions will dominate the new season of the show.

Serious support from her family in the gym will be given to Galena, who will make her little son’s dream come true to sit at least for a while in the coach’s chair.

Photo: bTV

An exceptional participant in love with DARA will appear on the stage of “Voice of Bulgaria” and pour out his emotions with a song without taking his eyes off it. A strong start to the season awaits Lyubo Kirov, who will be particularly pleased with the quality of the first additions to his team.

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