A spectacular sexual harassment scandal with the 80-year-old boss of French football

A big scandal shakes French football after several accusations against the head of the federation, Noel le Grae. Those for sexual harassment and showing up to work drunk are the most severe.

The 80-year-old boss has been at the helm of French football since 2011, and in the early years his reputation was that of a serious man who for many years was anyway a major factor in the structures.

He was head of the League and vice-president of the federation, mayor of Guingham, and is also a big businessman, with his company operating in the food sector, mainly in the Brittany region.

But for a year and a half, scandals have become more and more frequent. In the summer of 2021, the boss came into direct conflict with star Kylian Mbappe, calling his attitude “arrogant” in a TV studio, days after the striker missed a penalty at Euro 2020. It cost Switzerland a round of 16 exit and Mbappe was not obliged. and spoke harsh words to the boss.

Now it turns out that several female employees of the federation were subjected to regular harassment with texts or calls at not particularly decent hours.

Some of them made it to the publication So FOOT, which published them:

“Do you want to have dinner in my bed?”, “I like blondes, so – it’s up to you”, “I like your curves, do you want to come to my bed” etc.

“He attacks every woman who works in the federation,” reveals a secretary from the football union, who wished to remain anonymous.

In addition, there are revelations that have shocked the players of the national team and general manager Florence Ardun.

In front of them, during a meeting before the start of the 2018 World Cup, at the base in Clairfontein, the head of the federation overdid the alcohol and asked the selector Didier Deschamps “to let the boys drink some beer around Paris”.

The likely outcome of the scandal is the resignation of the boss, but it is also possible that there will be lawsuits for such accusations of sexual harassment.

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