a shell strike knocks out Bruce Willis

  • The actor received head injury while filming the director’s film Antoine Fuqua “Crying of the Sun” in 2003
  • After the ordeal the action hero judges Revolution Studios and the director of the special effects to provoke of “exceptional mental, physical and emotional pain”

At the end of March, a piece of news shocked the world of cinema: Bruce Willis is seriously ill and is retiring from the acting profession.

“Our beloved Bruce has a health problem – he was diagnosed with aphasia which affects his cognitive abilities and is now learning to live with this diagnosis. As a result, he is ending his film career, which means so much to him,” the family announced at the time in an official statement.

The news came like a bolt from the blue – until recently, the 67-year-old actor was shooting films, seemed full of energy and earned 2-3 million in a few days from low-budget action films. Nine months later, his relatives reported that his condition was deteriorating and confirmed that the cause was a head injury the action star suffered in 2003 while filming director Antoine Fuqua’s film The Cry of the Sun.

While elite “Seal” AK Waters (Bruce Willis) rescues a female missionary in the Nigerian jungle from the horrors of civil war on set,

explosive from the special effects hit him on the forehead

Almost 20 years after the accident, people from the actor’s close circle confirmed to the German publication Filmstarts that the trauma caused aphasia – damage to a part of the brain related to speech and language abilities. Years ago, Willis showed signs of the disease, but they went unnoticed by the general public.

Aphasia is an impairment of the left, and in left-handed people like Willis, the right hemisphere of the brain that affects a person’s ability to communicate. The disease prevents the patient not only from speaking, but also from understanding others. It can occur after a stroke, a tumor in the brain, inflammatory processes or craniocerebral trauma from an accident or impact. According to relatives of the famous action hero, the projectile that hit him in the head affected his ability to freely express himself with words.

Brain changes manifested themselves visibly 5-6 years ago

“In the beginning it wasn’t anything disturbing. Everyone who knew him knew something was wrong, but not the diagnosis. We could see that his cognitive abilities were impaired, but the news that he was retiring from cinema shocked us,” says a friend of his. After the ordeal, Bruce Willis sued Revolution Studios and the film’s special effects director Joe Pancake for causing “extreme mental, physical and emotional pain.” In 2005, the case ended with an out-of-court settlement, but it remains a secret whether the actor was compensated. To this day, Joe Pancake considers the accusations to be nonsense and claims that even the judge took Willis as a joke. He considers aphasia from a 20-year trauma impossible. But authoritative publications such as the “New York Times” quote doctors, according to whom it often takes many years after the trauma before the disease manifests itself. “Patients may not show any changes for a long time, but after time their sentences become shorter and shorter and it reaches a point where it is difficult for them to express themselves,” Prof. Shazam Hussain, head of the Cerebrovascular Clinic in Cleveland, told the newspaper. Ohio.

Willis is one of the famous faces of Hollywood, he has shot over 100 films, many of which are legends. He was born in the former West Germany, in the town of Idar-Oberstein. His mother, Marlene, is German, and his father, David, is an American serviceman. In 1957, when Bruce was 2 years old, the family moved to New Jersey, USA. In 2005, when he was already a famous action hero from “Die Hard”, “The Last Boy Scout”, “Crime”, “The Fifth Element”, “Armageddon”, “The Sixth Sense”, and

there are a number of Emmy Awards, “Golden Globe”, “Golden camera” (but not “Oscar”)

the actor became an honorary citizen of his native Idar-Oberstein.

In the meantime, he married the star Demi Moore, 3 daughters were born to them – Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. The marriage, which lasted from 1987 to 2000, ended in divorce, and the actor admitted that he had failed as a husband and father. To compensate, he maintains a warm relationship with Moore and the girls. In 2005, he personally handed over the bride Demi to her new husband – 15 years younger Ashton Kutcher. And when in 2009 he himself married the 24-year-old younger model Emma Hemming, among the guests were Moore and her new (now ex-) husband. Hemming gave birth to Willis 2 more girls – Mabel and Evelyn, who are now 10 and 8 years old. And although the marriage is considered healthy and happy, since he was ill, the action hero spends more and more time with his old family. Some time ago, Demi posted pictures on Instagram of a fun pajama party with the girls and their boyfriends.

This Christmas the whole family – including new wife Emma, ​​Mabel and Evelyn got together again for a holiday dinner. The actor with the puppy Pilaf in his hands (in the small picture) seemed fresh and rejuvenated by the news that his eldest daughter Rumer, 34, is expecting a baby and he will be a grandfather for the first time. But his relatives are not optimistic about Willis’ condition. And his friend Sylvester Stallone announced that Bruce is going through “a really difficult time”. “Since he was diagnosed, we haven’t spoken much.

He is not communicative. This is killing me

It’s so sad!” shared the on-screen Rambo. John Travolta also supported his “colleague with a great soul” and wished him well.

But aphasia is a severe affliction that has 4 forms. The mildest is amnestic aphasia, in which the patient has difficulty finding words when naming objects. Patients speak in a telegraphic style, with short and simple sentences. In Broca’s aphasia, from which Bruce Willis is believed to suffer, speech is delayed due to searching for the right words, but others understand what the sufferer wants to say. Much more severe are the “Wernicke” form and global aphasia, in which the patient understands almost nothing. But even with Broca’s aphasia, there is hardly any hope for complete recovery. A family friend told RadarOnline that the family is “praying for a Christmas miracle as the actor’s mental capacity continues to decline.” And he sadly concluded: “They know Bruce won’t be around forever. They want to enjoy every moment they have left together.”


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