A sequel to The Last of Us 2 or not? Naughty Dog has decided, but will not say anything

For the past few weeks, it has been difficult to miss the phenomenon The Last of Us (TLOU). The excellent TV series is indeed a hit on the Internet with each new episode, generally widely acclaimed by the public and critics. Everyone obviously knows that it is inspired by the eponymous game developed by the Naughty Dog studio.

And precisely, during an interview granted to the YouTube channel Kindafunny, Neil Druckmann returned to the projects of his teams, in particular the future AAA production. Well aware of the expectations of aficionados of TLOU, whose number has only increased with the triumph of HBO production, the co-president of the studio and screenwriter has calmed the ardor of all this little world. “I know the fans expect a lot The Last of US 3. I hear about it everyday, but all I can say is that our next game is already on the waydid he declare. The decision to develop a third episode of The Last of Us or something else has already been taken. I can’t say what it is, but we operate like that.”

A carefully considered choice

Nothing is known yet about the future game, but Neil Druckmann assures that no decision has been taken lightly. According to him, for the result to live up to expectations, the teams must work on a project that fascinates them over the very long term. And to add that such a project “is the passion that must consume us for the next few years. If we choose the wrong one and that passion disappears after two years, when it takes four to get to the end of our ideas, we risk being disgusted. And there we are screwed”.

After the statements of the same Neil Druckmann concerning Uncharted, difficult to anticipate the future of Naughty Dog. Since 2007 — and except compilation The Jak and Daxter Trilogy in 2013 — all of the studio’s games were installments of the franchises The Last of Us And Uncharted. A return of Jak and his sidekick Daxter? A completely new IP? A project in collaboration with another studio? Speculations are likely to go well until the next declaration of Neil Druckmann.

Naughty Dog will still have a lot to do with this new game, but also with TLOU’s multiplayer mode, many details of which will be revealed throughout the year.

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