A sensational twist is set in the scandal of the year – Football World – Spain

Shakira and Gerard Pique have been in the headlines since their split this summer after a 12-year relationship. Since then, various scandals between the two have been constantly reported, mostly related to the custody of their two sons.

The footballer even ended his career days ago and talked about moving to Florida, where the Colombian singer plans to go with the boys.


Now Marka reports that Shakira and Pique have seriously warmed up their relationship and there may even be a turn in their relationship. The two have been talking to each other a lot lately. It comes after the 45-year-old singer released her new hit ‘Monotony’, which is said to be about her relationship with the former Spain international. The news is also confirmed by the Argentine television “TN”.

A few days ago, Gerard Pique visited the hospital in Barcelona, ​​where Shakira’s father was admitted. 91-year-old William Mebarak Chadid in serious health condition. He was admitted to a clinic in the summer after suffering serious head injuries in a fall.

After leaving the hospital, Pique went home, and Shakira arrived right after him. According to the information, she asked the 35-year-old Spaniard to stay by her side during the difficult time with her father’s deteriorating health.

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