A same-sex family must stop the Apocalypse in M. Night Shyamalan’s new horror

We’ve long since given up expecting really good movies from writer-director M. Night Shyamalan. Once lauded for his titles like The Sixth Sense and The Invulnerable, he has never managed to make a film of this caliber in recent years.

Nevertheless, news of a new project of his usually attracts interest – often because of the good ideas underlying the script, although in the end they always turn out to be followed by a disappointing execution.

The director’s new film is the apocalyptic horror Knock at the Cabin, which already has its first trailer.

The concept is relatively simple – a family settles into a cabin in the woods for a pleasant vacation that soon turns into a nightmare. They are visited by four people, guided by the belief that the family must make a difficult choice to avoid the end of the world.

What draws interest is the atmosphere of the Knock at the Cabin trailer, where Shyamalan has managed to capture the sense of menace lurking outside that is characteristic of his other films.

The family, it should be noted, is made up of a homosexual couple of men – Andrew (Jonathan Groff from “The Matrix: Resurrection”) and Eric (Ben Aldridge from the Pennyworth series), and their adopted daughter, Wen.

It is Wen in the trailer who is approached by Leonard (Dave Batista from “Guardians of the Galaxy”). In a soft voice, he tells her that his heart is breaking, and when little Wen asks him why, he replies, “Because of what I have to do today.”

Leonard and three other people – two women and one man – enter the villa armed. There, Leonard, visibly troubled by the seemingly impossible situation he has been placed in, clearly lays down the terms for Andrew and Eric’s family.

“The four of us are here to prevent the Apocalypse. Your family has been chosen to make a terrible choice. If you fail, the world will end,” he says.

The choice, as you can imagine, will not be pleasant at all.

The film is based on the novel The Cabin at the End of the World (2018) by Paul J. Tremblay. Shyamalan says it’s also the fastest script he’s written in his career, which we don’t know whether to take as a good or bad sign.

Fans of the “Harry Potter” series will probably be interested in Knock at the Cabin for another reason – on the screen as one of the attackers we will see Rupert Grint, known for his role as Ron Weasley.

The new horror film opens in theaters on February 3, 2023.


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