A Russian missile messed up the route – instead of Kharkiv, it hit a block in Belgorod (PHOTOS)

A building block in the Russian city of Belgorod was hit by a missile and part of it was destroyed, Russian and Ukrainian sources said. On the occasion of the incident, Russia and Ukraine exchanged accusations, but by all accounts it seems that the missile was launched by the Russian army and was supposed to hit targets in Kharkiv, but for some reason it went wrong and “landed” in Belgorod on home soil.

Belgorod Mayor Anton Ivanov announced on Thursday that “damage is visible on the top floor and two cars were damaged by debris.” So far, there are no reports of casualties. Belgorod Region Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov blamed Ukraine for the incident.

“The Ukrainian Air Force is shelling Belgorod. The air defense is working. There is destruction in a residential building on Gubkin Street. The information about the victims is being specified,” he wrote on his Telegram channel.

Ukrainian authorities have not yet commented on the accusations, but a message appeared on the Telegram channel of the Strategic Communications Department (Stratcom) of VSU that looked more like a mockery. According to their version, the multi-storey building in Belgorod was damaged as a result of the attempt to shell Kharkiv by the Russian military.

“All three missiles self-destructed during launch, and one crashed into a residential building in Belgorod. S-300 operator, thank you very much from the VSU,” the publication said.

Gladkov published photos showing the consequences of the accident.

“It was also reported that the unexploded part of the projectile fell on the sports field of Lyceum No. 32. So far, there is no information about deaths or injuries,” added Gladkov, quoted by Ofnews.


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