A Russian Dagger missile fell on native territory in the Starvopol region and injured six locals –

Russia has “struck” with a Kinzhal hypersonic missile the area of ​​the village of Kendzhe-Kulak in the Turkmen District of the Stavropol Region of the Russian Federation, the Dumskaya news portal reported. Six people who came to the scene to see what happened were injured.

Telegram channel “Baza” claims that the incident happened on September 14, but it became known after Stavropol Governor Vladimir Vladimirov released photos from the scene.

Initially, on the occasion of an incident in the Stavropol region, Russian social networks speculated that a Ukrainian Tu-141 drone had been shot down, but the actual findings at the site of the explosion did not confirm the incident. Not a single element was found that even remotely resembled a piece of the Tu-141. The Russian media then shared the amusing peacetime claim that a UFO had been sighted in the area.

It turned out that it was an X47m2 “Dagger”, which was launched from the territory of the Caspian Sea and was supposed to hit a target in Ukraine, but on the way it fell near the village of Kendzhe-Kulak. Six people arrived at the scene – five civilian local residents and one firefighter who wanted to see what happened. Just at that moment, with a delay, the rocket exploded, and the six were injured.

It is possible that the Dagger was a stray missile that did not reach Kryvyi Rih in the September 14 attacks. Then the Russian army hit Zelensky’s hometown with the “Dagger”. Dumskaya points out that the missile’s crash site is 200 kilometers from the Aktyubinsk base of the MiG-31s, which are armed with hypersonic missiles.

Kendzhe-Kulak falls along the trajectory of the X-47m2 missile, which was most likely fired by a Russian MiG-31 over the Caspian Sea.


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