A revolutionary change is brewing in the Premier League – Football World – England

English football could undergo one of its biggest changes since 1992, when the familiar Premier League format was established.

The British Prime Minister – Rishi Sunak, has given the green light to a project for an individual cabinet to monitor and be responsible for individual issues in the Premier League. This idea has been dismissed by clubs and pundits for a long time, but it is about to happen, with an official announcement expected in the new calendar year or at least after the end of the 2022 World Cup.

A specialist will be selected to head this office. There will also be a board of directors and other officers who will keep a close eye on everything that happens on the Island. The teams will be kept under scrutiny. The chief executive of Leeds, Angus Kinnear, was one of the biggest opponents of such a “supervisory” body.

The big six – Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea – will be most affected by the establishment of such a cabinet.

The cabinet will be legalized by the government and is expected to change the face of the Premier League. The main task of the elected directors will be to monitor the finances of the teams. This is not expected to prevent clubs such as Liverpool and Manchester United from being bought by representatives of the Middle East.

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