A rapist kidnapped his ex-wife and child on New Year’s Eve

A rapist held his ex-wife and young child hostage in the days surrounding New Year.

This story was told by Nova TV.

The woman, named Jacqui, stood in front of the cameras, the bruises from the beatings still visible on her face. The man’s name is Krasi and he has not yet been taken into custody by the police.

“We went with the child to his place to celebrate the New Year at his request. We haven’t been together since September, but at his request I decided to go with the child. For 1-2 hours everything was normal, then hell began – he locked the door, started accusing me , that I was cheating on him, started hitting me on the head with his fists. He became so aggressive that he was capable of killing me and even threatened me. He wanted to disfigure me with a dummy knife,” the woman said.

A second series of beatings began after the new year.

“We went to watch the dawn. After 12 hours, friends started to congratulate me on the new year and he started beating me again in the car,” said the abused woman.

While holding her hostage, Krasi made her go to the toilet with the door open.

“He kept me for two more days – insults, attacks, he screamed, yelled,” said the woman. Finally, she managed to get her phone and write “call the police” on the first number. After he found out, he released her anyway.

Jacqui and Krasi lived together for five years, during which the violence was systematic. All the while the man was beating her on the head with his fists.


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