A Plovdiv resident counts 3 grands for a stolen iPhone

Dimitar bought the smartphone as a gift for his wife, but when turning on the “iPhone 14” it became clear that it was a “locked” number, which immediately displayed a message that the device in question was blocked

Buying equipment from the secondary market carries many risks. 36-year-old Dimitar from Plovdiv was convinced of this, and he paid nearly 3 thousand BGN for the latest iPhone model. However, the device turned out to be stolen.

The man had been looking for the expensive smartphone as a gift for his wife for weeks. However, due to another covid wave in China, the production of new models is severely limited, making the demand for the gadget greater than the supply.

“Since I am a subscriber to two telecoms, I have supposedly reserved a number at both places a month or more ago, but there is no stock. In the last few days, my wife’s old model finally started to stop working, so I decided that I would first look for hardware stores,” said Dimitar. Having hit a snag there as well, he decided to look at the last option – a few of the popular sales sites.

The Plovdiv resident told “Maritsa” that all local classifieds exchanges are full of fake offers, which is the first serious problem. “For 2-3 thousand BGN each, hundreds of Chinese replicas are sold in OLH and “Bazaar” at a price of 150-200 dollars each, which some more unfamiliar or careless people buy with the idea that they are authentic”, added Dimitar.

Although he does not fall for this scheme, the man falls victim to another scam. On Saturday, he found an apparently authentic ad. “The profile was selling several different Apple products, and the photos of the smartphones and their boxes were of high quality of apparently authentic goods, with a background of a popular mall,” the man said. After contacting the seller, he explained to him that they could see each other the very next day and that he had the model Dimitar wanted available.

The Plovdiv resident met the merchant at the appointed time in the parking lot of a large shopping center. After a short conversation, the stranger took out a bag from his car, in which Dimitar saw half a dozen brand new iPhones with factory packaging. According to the seller, they were bought from France and only had a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The seller himself showed Dimitar the model he was looking for, costing nearly 4 grand in the store.

So for BGN 2,900, Dimitar bought the smartphone and decided not to spoil his wife’s surprise by opening it. However, the surprise for the family turned out to be even greater, after turning it on, although it was a real iPhone 14, it became clear that it was a “locked” number, which instantly brought up a message that the device in question was blocked. This is a practice on the part of the manufacturer when thefts of brand new models from warehouses or stores are detected.

The number that Dimitar used to contact the seller was already switched off, and the account through which he sold was deleted. Thus, the Plovdiv resident was relieved of nearly 3 grand and immediately filed a report with the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the message, the phone was indeed from France, but stolen from a store in Lyon.


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