A NATO missile hit a building in Kyiv, the city without electricity and water for…

80% of households in the Ukrainian capital are without water and electricity after the Russian missile attack

A fragment of an IRIS/T or NASAMS anti-aircraft missile was found near a Ukrainian air defense strike on a residential building in Kyiv. This was reported in Ukrainian groups on social media, cited by world publications.

Netizens commented that the photo posted on the net is probably a fragment of an IRIS-T anti-aircraft missile. They are delivered to Kyiv from the USA and Germany.

Berlin reported IRIS-T deliveries to Kyiv in mid-October. German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht said the country plans to deliver three more such systems to Kyiv next year.

In Kyiv, 80% of households are without water and electricity after Russian missile fire on Wednesday, DPA reported, citing authorities.

“All municipal services are working to restore electricity and water supply in Kyiv as soon as possible,” Vitaliy Klitschko, the mayor of the city of 3 million, said in a statement.

The broadcast television network, the electricity transmission network and the water supply are affected. Currently, electrified buses do not run due to power shortages, and metro trains only run every 10 minutes.

Government officials promised that electricity and water supplies would be restored by this morning.


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