A mother and daughter gave birth together in a hospital in Naples

Both babies are coming of the white world by natural way

Neapolitans Mara and Paola are mother and daughter, 35 and 20 years old respectively. With a difference of 24 hours in the “Antonio Cardarelli” hospital, the two gave birth to their children. So Mara got a daughter and a grandson, and Paola got a sister and a son.

The newborns are named Futura and Giovanni respectively and are the same age, although Futura is Giovanni’s aunt. All four are in the same hospital room in the Cardarelli maternity ward, and it is decorated in blue and pink, for

to meet white world masculine and the female child

When Mara Barone gave birth to Paola 20 years ago, she was only a 15-year-old girl.

“I was small, but I did everything possible to raise my daughter properly and that she lacks nothing,” the Neapolitan woman told Corriere della Sera. Mother and daughter almost “grew up” together, considering the small difference in their ages. Mara defines what the two are experiencing at the moment as something “exceptional and unique”.

However, everyone in the family is of “youthful” age. The great-grandfather of the newborn Giovanni, in other words Mara’s father, is 60 years old. His great-grandfathers are under 50 years old. Giovanni is 3.4 kg and his aunt Futura is heavier – 3.8 kg. Births are not scheduled in advance – both babies come into the white world naturally. They, as well as their mothers, are in excellent condition, assures the head of the department, Dr. Claudio Santangelo.

Futura is born a little earlier than expected. Mara, a biologist by profession, became a mother for the second time, and 24 hours later – a grandmother. She and her daughter Paola are now side by side in their motherhood, as they were throughout their pregnancy together. This is due to the fact that

they all live together in his family house

in Melito di Napoli. On the top floor lives Lucia – Mara’s mother, Paola’s grandmother and Giovanni’s great-grandmother. She practically raised both Mara and her daughter Paola, given that Mara was still a schoolgirl at the time. She went to school until the 15th day before she gave birth to Paola. Two weeks later, she returned to continue her education while Lucia looked after her baby.


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