A military expert with terrifying revelations about the pogrom in Makeevka

Semyon Pegov broke down the Russian Ministry of Defense’s justifications for switched-on phones

The Russian military correspondent and author of the independent WarGonzo project, Semyon Pegov, has commented on the detailed information announced by the Ministry of Defense of Russia about the number of Russian soldiers killed in Makeevka, the world publications report.

“Let’s just ask a few questions out loud: how exactly did the Ministry of Defense manage to find out the reason why Kyiv decided to strike the building with Russian servicemen in Donetsk in Makeevka?

“Why is the Ministry of Defense so confident that a mass gathering of our military could not be detected with the help of, say, an unmanned aerial vehicle or information from an enemy intelligence network, the fight against which constantly casts doubt on its effectiveness?

Coordinates of objects are leaked, and the movement of important persons is regularly “tipped off” to the SBU – proof of this is radio intercepts and detained agents. The network is working, not sleeping.

Neither are the Ukrainian drones in the sky over Donetsk-Makeevka, which can provide not only information about the crowding of subscribers, but also visually confirm it.

In general, it has long been clear to almost all adequate commanders in this war that it is almost impossible to hide the places of deployment of soldiers in a city on the front.

Even where the phones don’t work at all. Like for example in Raisin.

Either the agents will betray them or they will be spotted by drones.

The only remedy is not to accommodate personnel in large buildings. Not to house 500 people in one place, but to disperse them in ten different places. Yes, it takes a lot of work. But it is a matter of life and death.

Finally, VSUs don’t hit randomly with Himars. Unlike “Grad”, Czech or other cheap rigs. It is an expensive and precise weapon. Before striking with Himars, the adversary would obviously check information on, say, the concentration of phones in the city – again with the help of agents and drones.

The decision is made based on several factors. And the voiced version of the Ministry of Defense is related to only one of them so far.

In general, the history of cell phones is not very convincing. I rarely say it, but this is one of those times where I’m probably better off keeping quiet. At least until the end of the investigation.

As it stands, it looks like a clear attempt to cover up the blame. I’m not saying that using smartphones on the front line everywhere is a good thing. It is obviously not so.

And on the subject of the dead.

Unfortunately, their number will still increase. The figures announced most likely refer to those who were immediately identified.

Unfortunately, the lists of the missing are considerably longer. I cannot reveal the sources, but I consider them credible. We checked them with the boys several times.”


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