A magnetic storm is hitting us for hours

During the next few hours, Earth will come within range of a moderate magnetic storm.

In the coming hours, we expect a high-speed stream of solar wind to be launched into Earth’s magnetic field, and from Thursday (Dec. 1) to Friday (Dec. 2), it is likely to trigger a geomagnetic storm.

According to the predictions of experts from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), the new activation of the Sun is due to a canyon-like hole that is located in the upper layers of the solar atmosphere.

What can the magnetic storm do to us

The disorders usually adversely affect the elderly and people with weak immunity. People who are sensitive to these phenomena may experience fatigue, headache, malaise, fluctuating blood pressure and poor concentration.

There may be disruptions in communications and navigation systems and even internet connection problems in Europe, Canada and Alaska.

What is a geomagnetic storm and tips on how to protect yourself

Geomagnetic storms are large and sudden disturbances in the values ​​of the Earth’s magnetic field caused by its interaction with the solar wind. When an eruption is observed from one of the active regions of the Sun, a stream of plasma is released into interplanetary space, which is shot at a speed between 600 and 900 km/s. It usually takes about two days for this flow to reach Earth. Charged particles manage to penetrate through the polar regions and cause the formation of powerful current systems around the equator and polar circles.

During geomagnetic storms, doctors advise to follow a diet with fruits and vegetables, without animal fats. Drinking more water also helps a lot. Spend a few hours outside, but don’t overdo it with the walks.

The consumption of heavy food is not recommended, as well as prolonged stagnation in closed rooms without fresh air, reports MeteoBalkans.


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