A huge scandal in Germany involving Brad Pitt’s ex-lover and a Dortmund football player

Borussia Dortmund defender Nico Schulz was involved in serious trouble, reports Bild. According to the tabloid, the ex-girlfriend of the 29-year-old football player filed a domestic violence report with the police, and the prosecutor’s office is already looking into the case.

The woman does not want to show herself publicly, but it is about an ex-girlfriend of Brad Pitt

The German press claims that the victim is Victoria’s Secret model Nikol Poturalski. She grew up in the town of Bergkamen near Dortmund and has Polish roots. Before the football player, Nicole dated Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, who is almost 30 years older than her. Poturalski’s relationship with the star was not officially confirmed by them, but the two repeatedly appeared together at various social events (such as at a concert by rapper Kanye West in Los Angeles).

Poturalski and Shulm have a daughter, and according to Bild, the woman was also abused while she was pregnant.

What is known about Schultz’s actions?

According to the tabloid, in her report to the police, the woman described seven cases of domestic violence. The most shocking is in 2020 – two weeks before the birth of her daughter. The victim claims she was kicked in the stomach and raped by the footballer who wanted to induce a miscarriage.

As evidence, the victim provided the police with numerous photos of the beatings and correspondence with the Borussia player in which he either apologized to her or accused her of provoking him.

“What right do you have to beat me, choke me, drag me on the ground, throw a mirror at my head?” the woman wrote.

“Stop freaking out, you threw the glass and took my head off,” Schultz replies.

There are also photos of bruises and wounds on the woman’s phone.

Borussia could release Schultz

According to Bild, the footballer and his relatives tried to intimidate the girl, forcing her to delete the correspondence and not report it to the police. However, she did not give in and a few days ago a search was carried out at the defender’s house.

Schultz himself categorically denies his guilt. He does not want to comment publicly on the allegations and has deleted his social media accounts.

“So far we have not heard anything about this investigation – commented from Borussia. – We will contact Nico to discuss these serious allegations.”

Club president Reinhard Raubal did not rule out the player’s contract being terminated.

If the footballer’s guilt is proven, he faces up to 10 years in prison.


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