A heavy family drama hides the presenter Diana L…

Presenter and actress Diana Lyubenova is certainly the envy of her colleagues because of her husband, who is a successful American producer, but she also hides personal dramas that have marked her life

For two years, Diana Lyubenova and her husband, American producer Les Weldon, struggled to have a child. This is the most difficult period in the life of the actress, who on November 24 celebrates her 50th anniversary.

“I was afraid whether I would become a mother and whether I would be able to have my own child,” shared Diana in the program “Life by an actual case” with the host – her friend and colleague Alexandra Sarchadzhieva.

Diana, who hosts the “This Saturday and Sunday” show on BTV with Zheni Marcheva on Saturdays, gave birth to her daughter Sofia in 2011. Then the actress was 39 years old, as she and Les Weldon had been together for a long time. It took them a long time to start a family because they initially put it off. When they decided that the right moment had come to become parents, the couple encountered serious difficulties in making their wish come true.

“It’s been years since we started our relationship, each wanting to add another year to their careers, and somehow at some point I was like, ‘Aren’t we late?’ Let’s get organized a bit,” Diana returns the tape. When he and Les started working on the process, they did not achieve the desired result for a long time. The actress was worried and quickly started looking for doctors. “Dr. Stamenov is the person who literally gave us Sofia,” she is grateful. Lyubenova did not specify what exactly the problem was. He only adds that there was no serious reason why he and Les should not be parents. However, it took them 2 years, by the end of which Diana had completely lost hope. The actress and her lover even began to consider the idea of ​​adopting a child. Fortunately, the last, as Diana had decided, attempt to get pregnant turned out to be successful.

“When it happened, I was the happiest in the world,” recalls Diana, who learned the good news on Les’s birthday. The positive pregnancy test was the most wonderful gift for the producer. “Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for this event in our lives. Because the realization that you have this wonderful being and it is the fruit of a true love and is waited for and wanted and desired and is the most precious thing in life. This is conscious love, the truest love”, Diana says today.

The joy in their family was great. And yet there was something that worried the actress. She worried how her sister would react to the news. The reason was that at that time Diana’s relative was also struggling to become a mother, for 11 years. “I was worried about telling her, because after every loss of hers in these 11 years, one can hardly find the right words to give courage. And it was hard for me to tell her, because somehow I felt that I had no right, since her battle had been going on for so long, that I should get ahead of her and almost rejoice. Fortunately, she now has a wonderful son. Both are very happy now”, Diana Lyubenova is touched.


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