A great success for Plovdiv and Bulgaria: They announced the 6-year-old E…

6-year-old Elizabeth Armen Ambartsumyan gave all Bulgarians a double reason to be proud. The little beauty with an amazing voice from Plovdiv won the EUROTALENT 2022 international competition in Naples. On its stage, she managed to beat participants from Italy, Mexico, Turkey, Portugal, Thailand, Malta, Romania, Spain and unquestionably capture the hearts of the audience.

During her visit to the Italian city, Elizabeth received another recognition. She was proclaimed Mini Miss Naples and got a crown like her dazzling mother – the new Mrs. Bulgaria Manita Vartan. Manny also won an award in Naples for his dedication to his talented little treasure, which he travels with to perform all over the world.

“For me as a mother, it is a huge responsibility and honor that Elizabeth is my child. The prize I was awarded by the president of EUROTALENT 2022 also brought me a great emotion. Thank you to everyone for the support, to the vocal teachers for their tireless work and care,” Mani is excited.

Her daughter Elizabeth was nominated for Eurokids/Eurotalent after her excellent performance in the international competition Sofia Grand –†rix, which took place in September 2022 with the participation of 10 countries and an international jury of music specialists.

From an early age, she has a repertoire in three languages. He is the winner of a number of medals and awards from national and international contests and competitions. Part of them are two first places from the International Festival “The Ship of Dreams”, a gold medal from the International Festival “Carnolski”, a silver medal from the National Competition “Fifteen Tulips”, a silver statuette from the National Competition “Polish Crickets” under the patronage of Vesselin Marinov, 2 gold medals at the Sofia Grand Prix international competition, a bronze statuette from MFI “Morning Star” – Golden Sands, and a prize statuette from “Northern Lights” – Ruse.

He completed a master class with maestro Etienne Levy during the “Karnoli” Children’s Festival for vocal mastery this year on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. He is currently a soloist in the “Sintez” vocal studio at the ODK – Plovdiv, and is in the piano class of Professor Plamen Arabov.


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