A fight in the parliament sent a Turkish MP to the intensive care unit, I saved…

Turkey’s opposition Good Party MP Husein Yors was admitted to the intensive care unit after a fist fight in the Turkish Parliament (Majlis) yesterday.

The action came after sharp debates at the 2023 budget debate.

At the discussion, a scandal broke out between the MP from the Good Party Yumit Yilmaz and the deputy chairman of the group of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Bulent Turan. The dispute quickly escalated into a fist fight between many of the MPs.

In the altercations, AKP MP Zafer Ashak hit his colleague from the Good Party, Huselein Yorz, who suffers from a heart condition. Jors suffered a heart spasm after the impact.


After being hospitalized, Jorz was rushed to the intensive care unit. His heart rhythm was normalized with an electric shock.

Good Party Spokesperson Kursat Zorlu and Deputy Aylin Jessur visited Yorz in the hospital in Ankara.

“Today is a sad and shameful day for the Parliament of Turkey. If Jors had come five minutes late to the hospital, we might have lost him,” Zorlu shared after the visit.

The deputy chairman of the AKP group, Mustafa Elitash, also came to see Yorz in the hospital. Elitash stated that “doctors are not accepting visitors in the intensive care unit, but Yorz is in good condition.”

The MP from the ruling AKP party, Zafer Ashak, who hit Jors, said he would not apologize. “From time to time such things happen in the National Assembly. I will not apologize, our group will issue a statement if necessary,” Ashuck added.


Meanwhile, the Speaker of the Parliament banned Ashak from attending two sessions of the Assembly in accordance with Article 163 of the Rules of Procedure of the Majlis.

Later, Good Party leader Meral Aksheter also visited Jorz in the hospital. “Fortunately he is now well. I strongly condemn the disrespect for the will of our nation and our party in our assembly. No one’s fist will tear us from the path of truth and justice!” Aksener wrote on Twitter.

Other opposition leaders and MPs also visited the injured MP in the hospital.


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