A famous golden girl broke off her engagement after…

Former Golden Girl Nevyana Vladinova is free. The vice-president of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation has broken up with her fiance Veselin Manolov, writes “Bulgaria Dnes”.

The gymnast and the break dancer quietly ended their long-term relationship a few months ago. According to relatives of the ex-fiancée, this happened at the end of spring. The reason for the separation of one of the most stable couples in sports is unclear. Nevyana and Veselin have also not announced this officially. However, their shared photos from social networks are now missing. The profiles of both have been removed.

The fact is that the break dancer has already found a substitute for charming grace. Since the end of the summer, Manolov has been spotted very often in the company of an unknown blonde. The two do not hide that they are more than friends.

Unlike him, Vladinova is currently alone, according to those close to the ex-lovers. She has focused on her work at the gymnastics federation.

Gymnast Nevyana Vladinova has seen a big dawn while taking down her boyfriend. The charming girl from Pleven likes Veselin Manolov, popular in dance circles as a break dancer, otherwise an accountant by profession. The two meet at “Gerena”, where they train every day in neighboring halls. To win his heart, Nevi ran after him for months.

“We looked at each other, it was interesting to me, just like something different from rhythmic gymnastics. We were gymnasts, confused, I would even say. He made an impression on us. He was different from everyone else,” Vladinova tells how she and her friend often peeked into the hall of breakers.

Unlike her, Vesso was not particularly impressed by the twisted grace. And while her chosen one does not show much interest, Nevi gradually begins to fall in love with her future serious friend.

“I liked her, but I wasn’t in love. After that, she chased me for a long time. She was looking for me, I pulled away, but little by little I actually saw that she was the one for me,” says her lover.

As is known, the two had an engagement, but they postponed it because of Nevi’s sports career in 2020. Now, instead of a wedding, the separation has come.


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