A complete turnaround! Marianna Popova and Plachkov have changed beyond recognition…

They hid from the media space, although until recently they had a comment on every topic

Mariana Popova and Veselin Plachkov disappeared from the media space. In recent months, the art family covered up and stopped appearing on local television, where they were subscribed and spoke on all possible topics.

The couple disappeared after the failure of their performance “Guilty”. In it, Mariana plays in the “Tear and Laughter” theater with her partner Veselin Plachkov, who is the author of the text, and the direction is by the head of the artists Hristo Mutafchiev. A huge part of the spectators of the performance were shocked by what they saw and shared that they moved out during the performance itself. The most outraged was the former deputy from the National Socialist Party Antonia Parvanova, who wrote on the social network that the performance was a failure, lack of talent, narcissism and complexes. “Our culture has become very stripped down, downright naked” – the politician was outraged, but Mariana Popova did not oblige her and nailed her with the words that she communicates only with successful politicians like Georgi Parvanov, writes Hotarena.net.

After that, the swarthy brunette decided to keep quiet and stop being all fussy. Lamenters have not been shown on local TV for several months and have already disappeared from viewers who are worried about the disappearance of the art family, which likes to give wit and complain about lack of money and underappreciation.


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