A CEO position to be filled at Twitter, Elon Musk remains in the shadows

Elon Musk will keep his promises… sort of. 48 hours after launching a poll to ask the community if he should leave the post of CEO of Twitter, the South African magnate has delivered some clarifications on the future of the social network.

In response to the original tweet, Musk explained that he will leave office after finding “someone dumb enough to take the job”. If the function sheet does not attract much, nothing surprising. Business man often repeated that the company is “close to bankruptcy since May” and that taking on the role of CEO means “investing life savings” without guarantee of success.

A survey more symbolic than anything else

Even with a new leader, the Musk era won’t exactly end. The second richest man in the world clarified that after his departure, he will be content “to manage the software and server teams”. Prerogatives that will leave him a lot of room for manoeuvre. And given the propensity of the multi-billionaire to share the slightest of his thoughts on the social network, not sure that the ambient chaos does not stop immediately.

Moreover, Elon Musk already claimed last november wanting to find a replacement, probably to appease Tesla shareholders who criticize its lack of investment in the automotive firm. The survey conducted earlier this week and the announcement of his upcoming departure therefore seem more symbolic than anything else.

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