A centenarian discovered the grave of her baby after 76 years.

A 102-year-old woman from Great Britain discovered the grave of her stillborn baby after 76 years. In 1946, Marjory Rigby experienced three days of labor during which her daughter died in her womb, writes the BBC, quoted by bTV.

They have to take her to the hospital to at least save her life. After giving birth to the dead baby, Marjorie never finds out what happened to him. The doctors then tell her that the dead child will be taken to an incinerator.

“They just let me stay in a room,” she says. Marjorie adds that she was sent home two weeks later.

Marjory Rigby has two other daughters, and all her life she believed she would never know what happened to her stillborn child, who should have been named Laura.

“Every year at Christmas I get a new diary and the first date I put in is September 3 – Laura’s birthday,” she says.

With the help of a charity, one of Marjorie’s daughters follows in the footsteps of her stillborn sister.

We learned that she had her own small coffin and was buried with five other babies and an adult in an unmarked plot. We told mom and went to see the plot, carrying a small bouquet of flowers from the garden. The calm look on Mum’s face made it all worth it,” Amjela Rigby told the BBC.

The 102-year-old woman says that after discovering the grave of her stillborn child, she feels peace and tranquility.


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