A Bulgarian killed a motorcyclist on the road to Naples and escaped, he was arrested

A Bulgarian man ran over a motorcyclist with his van in Mondragone, 50 km from Naples, then fled, Italian media reported. The accident happened on Consortile del Savone street in the town located in the province of Caserta. The Bulgarian was driving a minivan in which two other compatriots were also riding. He swept away a 73-year-old Italian pensioner who was riding his motorcycle. After the accident, the Bulgarian fled with his car, while the Italian was transported to the Sesa Aurunka hospital. He later died of his wounds.

The carabinieri, who came to the scene of the accident, immediately began the search for the fleeing driver. Passers-by who were there became her witnesses. A little later, about 8 km from the place of the accident, the Bulgarian’s van was found. After they asked him to stop, the Bulgarian got out of the car and ran away. He was captured a little later. He is charged with road homicide, failure to render assistance, driving without a license. His car also had no insurance, which is why it was impounded by the police.

Mondragone is home to a large Bulgarian community – the largest among immigrants in the town of 28,000. According to the Italian Statistical Institute, there are over 1,100 of our compatriots officially registered there, but in reality they are much more.


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