A Bulgarian is among those who died in the fire in a residential building in Germany

A 53-year-old Bulgarian is among those who died in the fire in a residential building in the German town of Apolda. The victims of the fire became four.

According to local media, more than 20 people were injured.

The investigation of the authorities continues, working on the version of deliberate arson. There is also a 35-year-old man detained, he turned himself in.

According to the words of our compatriots, the building was inhabited only by Bulgarians, according to the police, the people who were there were more than those registered at this address. Initial information was about 30 residents.

We also contacted volunteers from the city, who sheltered the remaining 11 homeless families for the evening. According to them, the victims of the fire will be moved temporarily to a building provided by the city administration and accommodation will be sought for them. They also told us that our compatriots were among the wounded.

“Everyone who lived in the building is Bulgarian, even the owner is Bulgarian. Almost all families have small children. People are mentally depressed, they are in shock. There are two women in the hospital, one has undergone surgery, she is currently in intensive care, we are not being told about her, and the other woman is expected to undergo surgery as well, and we may have some more information about them later.” said Assen Georgiev, a pastor at an evangelical church in Germany.


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