A big scandal broke out in Qatar – Football world – World Cup

A big scandal broke out just days before the start of the World Cup. It featured the Danish reporter Rasmus Tantholt, who was nearly beaten on air by local security guards during a call-in from Qatar. The cameraman was threatened that his camera would be broken if he didn’t stop filming while the reporter showed credentials and explained that he had every right to be there.

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“They are afraid that reporters from all over the world will come and see their problems. They don’t want us to show the migrant camps and talk about the problems of homosexuals in the country. I don’t think what will happen when reporters from 110 countries come here, like expected. We waited for half an hour until the security chief arrived. Yes, he apologized to us and we each got a glass of pomegranate juice, but the fact is that they didn’t like that we were there taking pictures,” the reporter said.

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