A 3-year-old girl in Mexico came to life at her funeral

In the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi, a three-year-old girl who was previously declared dead came to her senses at her own funeral, the Daily Mirror reported.

Mary Jane Mendoza, the mother of the deceased Camila Roxana Martinez, said that on Tuesday, August 16, the girl started vomiting and had a fever. Afraid for her daughter’s health, the woman took her to a pediatrician. The doctor referred the patient to the municipal hospital, where dehydration was diagnosed. According to Mendoza, the child was prescribed paracetamol and released. But at home the girl’s condition worsened again and her parents went to the hospital again. Camilla spent an hour there, after which doctors pronounced her dead. The funeral was scheduled for the next day.

On the day of the funeral, Mendoza noticed that the glass covering her daughter’s casket was fogged around her mouth and nose. The woman thought her daughter was alive, but was dissuaded from opening the casket lid and attributed what she saw to hallucinations caused by severe stress. But then Mendoza’s mother-in-law noticed her granddaughter’s eyes moving.

It was previously reported that a Peruvian woman who was pronounced dead after a car accident woke up and started banging on the coffin lid during her own funeral in the city of Lambayeque. Rosa Isabel Cespede Kayaca, 36, was involved in a car accident in Chiclayo province with her son-in-law and three nephews and was mistakenly pronounced dead.


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