A 24-year-old cancer patient suddenly spoke in French

24-year-old cancer patient Marcus Jones from the Scottish town of Glenrothes suddenly spoke in French, forgetting his native language, during a bout of pain. His story was told by the Daily Mail.

The man started suffering from headaches in September 2021. Doctors diagnosed him with epilepsy, but further tests revealed that he had a brain tumor. The patient started having vision and memory problems. He often felt a “fog in his head”.

During a bout of pain, Jones suddenly forgot his native language. “It was terrible. I looked at my girlfriend and tried to say that I was going to pass out from pain, but I could only think and speak in French,” he recalled. A few minutes later, when the man’s condition returned to normal, he spoke in English again.

Jones will have to undergo surgery to remove a malignant tumor, but risks losing his sight. “It sounds crazy, but I wanted to be awake during the operation so I could tell the doctor if I had problems with my vision,” the man told the British newspaper. According to the surgeon, at least 70% of the patient’s tumor can be removed.

The young man noted that he would not have dared to undergo the operation if he were not the father of Finnick’s one-year-old son. “I hope and at the same time I feel fear. Part of me wishes there was more time to decide if I needed surgery, but that all changed thanks to my little family. I have to make sure I’m going to live long, so it’s the lesser of two evils,” he shares his experiences.

It was previously reported that a teenager from the Netherlands forgot his native language for a day and spoke in English after waking up from anesthesia for surgery. In addition, the boy did not recognize his own parents and was sure that he was in the American state of Utah, where he had never been.


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