7 excellent reasons to switch to the Mac in 2023!

Still hesitating to switch? To abandon your old laptop for switch to mac with the many advantages offered by Apple computers? Here’s why your next laptop will (necessarily) be a Mac.

1# With the Mac, everything is simple and fluid

Simplicity is clearly Apple’s mantra. Everything is done to make everyday life easier for the user. The interface design is not overloaded with functions and programs, everything is understandable quickly and easily, even when you have never used a Mac in your life. An Apple computer is also functional right out of the box: many productivity and creative applications are already installed.

And if you already own an Apple product like an iPhone, just enter your keychain ID and password. iCloud to access your photos, videos, documents and contacts in seconds. Finally, a migration wizard allows you to transfer in just a few clicks the information and files present on your old Mac or PC. And if you really can’t, 24/7 support is really there to help you by chat or phone.

2# Do you have an iPhone or an iPad? Then you already know the Mac!

Because Apple designs everything from product to software, they really are made to work together, effortlessly. The Mac interface will seem much more familiar to you than you imagined since the operating logic you are used to on your iPhone or iPad is very similar.

Not to mention the continuity between your iPhone and a Mac, which is simply stunning. Your messages are no longer reserved for the sole screen of your smartphone: your conversations are synchronized between your devices, you have the comfort of a keyboard and a large screen to respond quickly to your loved ones and your customers.

And if you have to leave home quickly, don’t worry, you can finish the email or the document you were writing on your Mac by continuing from your iPhone: no need to send it to yourself to resume writing, your message in progress is already accessible on your iPhone from the “Drafts” box of the application Email – just pick up where you left off.

No need for a cable either to exchange files between your devices, the universal clipboard and the function AirDrop are here to make your life easier and save you time. Incorporating photos taken with your iPhone into a presentation or office document is also effortless, as if those shots were already on your computer. You can project documents and media files from your iPhone onto your Mac screen with a single tap. Function Annotate allows you to sign or annotate documents using the touch screen of your iPhone, as if you had a pen in your hand.

These are just a few examples of the enormous potential of the ecosystem offered by Apple products. Fluid and simple interactions: it’s magic!

3# Yes, the Mac is compatible with everything!

Contrary to some popular belief, the Mac gets along wonderfully with all the must-have apps such as Word, Excel, Power point of Microsoft 365all video and collaborative work services such as Teams, Zoom Or Slackor the creative software of the suite Adobe Creative Cloud as photoshop, Illustrator and so many others. Impossible to share the list: it is simply infinite.

Illustration of some apps compatible with a Mac (Excel, PowerPoint, Zoom, Slack, Photoshop, etc.)

Even better: the Mac already includes, right out of the box, all the applications you need for your personal or professional activities. Let’s take an example: you receive a file Power point and did not install Microsoft 365 on your new Mac. No problem: you can open this file Power pointconsult and modify it using the app Keynote present in all Macs. You can even return your edited version as a file Keynote or file Power point to your recipient.

You doubted the compatibility of the Mac with your usual programs? It is not so. On Mac, you will be able to do everything you did on a PC, with unsuspected fluidity and speed.

4# Apple chips are high performance

By choosing to develop its own processors for laptops and desktops, Apple has taken a considerable advantage over its competitors. The M2 chip has the advantage of offering exceptional autonomy to Macs (up to 22 hours without recharging), far superior to that of laptops equipped with chips that are just as recent.

And since Apple designs a Mac from the ground up, its operating system and installed apps are all perfectly optimized for the M1 and M2 chips. As a result, Macs display excellent performance while being incredibly energy efficient. Finally, this state-of-the-art know-how makes it possible to integrate a powerful graphics controller (up to 38 processing units) which allows the user to play on a Mac without necessarily having an expensive dedicated graphics card.

5# Your personal data is really secure

From the M2 processor to the operating system macOS Ventura through the browser Safari, the security of personal data is at the heart of Apple’s concerns. User identification is facilitated by fingerprint recognition (Touch-ID) and frequent, automatic OS updates macOS are the guarantee of having a computer always safe from viruses and other dangers of the Web. If necessary, FileVault can encrypt all data stored on the Mac for even more security. Last example, but there are many more, the microphone of the Mac benefits from an automatic hardware disconnection when the screen of the computer is folded down. The guarantee of not being listened to by undesirables when you no longer use your computer. Smart.

Three MacBooks side by side

6# An innovative OS and a sustainable design

With each new version of its operating system, macOS, Apple offers its users new functions that are always more practical, powerful and graphically elegant, in the form of automatic and completely free updates. So your Mac benefits from the latest software innovations year after year, as well as optimal and safe operation throughout its lifespan.

For example, browser identification keys Safari, more effective than two-factor authentication. These keys allow encrypted identification of your browser to an Internet service, without the risk of phishing your personal data.

An Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer, product visual

7# MacBooks suitable for all uses and all budgets

From 13.3 to 16.2 inches, Boulanger offers for sale the entire range of laptops from Apple. Whether you are a student looking for a compact and autonomous computer or a professional eager for power and comfort of use, there will necessarily be a MacBook reference that will suit you at Boulanger. Until March 31, the brand even offers you to switch to the Mac for only 1 euro per day (i.e. 30€ withdrawn monthly). Featuring a brushed aluminum finish, a display retina and an XXL autonomy, the new portable Macs really have everything to please:

  • Macbook Air M1 (8-core M1 processor, 13.3-inch screen) from €1,199 or 30€ per month with Microsoft 365 Personal for 42 months with a personal contribution of €350.
  • Macbook Air M2 (8-core M2 processor, 13.6-inch screen) from €1,499
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro (8-core M2 processor, 13.3-inch screen) from €1,449
  • 14-inch MacBook Pro (M2 Pro/Max processor up to 12 cores, 14.2-inch screen) from €2,399
  • 16-inch MacBook Pro (M2 Pro/Max processor up to 12 cores, 16.2-inch screen) from €2,999

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