6-year-old shoots teacher in classroom

A 6-year-old student shot a teacher in a classroom at his school in the US state of Virginia during an argument. This is reported by the police in the city of Newport News.

Experts say that school shooting involving a 6-year-old child is extremely rare. That’s why Virginia law limits the ways in which a child of that age can be punished for such a crime.

No students were injured in the shooting at the “Richnek” elementary school, the police in the city also reported. The teacher – a woman in her 30s – is in danger for her life. “Her condition has improved somewhat,” township Police Chief Steve Drew told the media.

He added that so far they have not encountered school shooting. He later clarified that the shooting was not an accident, but an intentional act. The student and the teacher knew each other. It is likely that the child reacted aggressively to criticism directed at him.

Steve Drew also said the boy had a gun in the classroom. However, it is not yet known where the 6-year-old got it from. The police chief did not provide further details about the shooting.

Jocelyn Glover, whose son is in fourth grade, told The Virginian-Pilot newspaper that she received a message from the school that a person shot, and another is detained. The woman admitted that she was worried and expressed hope that this would not happen again at her child’s school.


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