6 important ambassadors change the official cabinet. They elevate the consul who saved Ukrainians

Six important ambassadors were proposed by the caretaker government for replacement at its last meeting. President Rumen Radev is about to issue decrees on diplomatic shifts.

The government is proposing changes to our embassies in China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Canada and Cyprus. These changes were agreed upon by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and President Radev during Kiril Petkov’s cabinet, but the then Prime Minister blocked them. The caretaker government of Galab Donev initiated the replacement of ambassadors already in August, as “24 Chasa” wrote.

Because of the blockade between Kiril Petkov and Rumen Radev, our missions in China and Saudi Arabia were left without an ambassador for months.

For Riyadh, where the embassy has been without a holder since March due to the early termination of the mandate of Dimitar Abadjiev, the experienced diplomat Lyubomir Popov is proposed by the caretaker government of President Radev. Popov is a graduate of MGIMO in Moscow, worked in our missions in Russia, Baghdad and Istanbul and was ambassador to Egypt.

For China, where we do not have an ambassador since August 2021, an experienced diplomat has also been proposed. Andrey Tehov, who has already led Bulgaria’s missions in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia, will take over the post there.

China is Bulgaria’s largest trade partner in Asia and takes second place among our country’s export destinations outside the EU after Turkey, the office emphasizes why it is important to urgently send an ambassador to Beijing.

The government also proposes that our previous consul in Dubai, Ivan Yordanov, become ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. He became famous in the spring when he saved two Ukrainian youths in distress. They were stuck by Russia’s war against Ukraine in the emirates with no way to go home and no money. Then Yordanov helped them, and subsequently the young people found refuge in Bulgaria.

Ivan Yordanov will replace our current ambassador to the UAE, Bogdan Kolarov. However, the post of consul in Dubai remains vacant.

Diplomat Plamen Georgiev is going to Canada on his first mission as ambassador. He replaces the current ambassador in Ottawa, Svetlana Etropolski. Until now, Georgiev has had missions abroad as the secretary of an embassy.

Marijana Boyadzhieva is going to Algeria. She is a former journalist but has been working as a diplomat since the turn of the century.

The caretaker government has also replaced the Consul General of Bulgaria in Bitola. Dimitar Ivanov was replaced by Nikolay Dimitrov.


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