5 popular shoe trends this fall

As a lover of shoes I think they are what really make a dress look perfect. You can wear the cutest dress, but if you don’t style it with the right shoes, you’ll ruin your whole look. Some shoes this season will make your dresses extremely fashionable and today we will tell you about them. You might already own most of the designs, but now you might be inspired to match them with your dresses.


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This probably isn’t news to you, but modern people dress up dresseswhich combine with moccasins. They look great at any length and are a great way to make a dress a little more casual during the day. To be even more fashionable, add a pair of white socks.


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When it comes to trendy sneakers, the styles that took over this year were undoubtedly the sportier models. Although they have been around for years, the fashion crowd rediscovered them this year and this one sneaker type have become a really popular combination with dresses. Their streamlined, polished look is the perfect match for dresses – especially short ones.

Knee high boots

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Knee high boots are the boot trend of the season, so it’s understandable that people wear them with dresses, especially since they look great with almost any style of dress.


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The platforms quickly emerged as the biggest heel trend of 2022 earlier this year, and we’re increasingly seeing fashion designers pair them with dresses. There is no better combination for a night out if you ask me.

Moto boots

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Moto boots are back this fall. Combine them with a dress with a similar grunge aesthetic or one that’s a little sweeter to make that cool contrast that the fashion guild loves so much.

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