5 good reasons to choose a Miele Triflex HX2 cordless stick vacuum cleaner

Flexibility, autonomy, performance, hygiene… With its Triflex HX2 vacuum cleaner, Miele provides concrete and pragmatic solutions to users’ needs.

1# A 3-in-1 design that adapts to every situation

The broom vacuum cleaner Triflex HX2 demonstrates remarkable flexibility. A few seconds are enough to switch from “Comfort Mode”suitable for large rooms with its motor in the low position, at “Daily Mode” which this time comes to facilitate cleaning under furniture or in inaccessible places such as ceilings. In this setup, the excellent grip of the vacuum cleaner plays an essential role. And if you just want to suck up a few crumbs on the couch or in the car, you can switch to the “Casual Mode”the engine block is then independent, which is ideal for doing a little surface cleaning.

2# Autonomy that makes all the difference

Although it is an essential characteristic, autonomy represents one of the main weaknesses of stick vacuum cleaners. This is probably due to the fact that manufacturers favor power over endurance.

With its experience in household appliances, Miele did not make this mistake. The Triflex HX2 has a technology that allows it to last up to 120 minutes, or 250 m2 without interruption on models with 2 batteries. In addition to the 25.2 volt VARTA battery which works wonders, we must also salute the capacities of the motor “Digital Efficiency” which increases or decreases its power depending on the floor covering, so it only consumes the necessary energy.

3# Performance without compromise

The performance of Triflex HX2 upright vacuum cleaner are based on three pillars: Vortex technology, the new motor Digital Efficiency and (really) effective accessories. Combined, these devices provide real added value compared to the competition.

The Triflex HX2 upright vacuum cleaner takes up little space in an apartment.

© Miele

  • Vortex technology first takes care of maintaining a excellent level of suction, regardless of the particles to be vacuumed. His system “monocyclone” separates fine dust from heavy dust and places it in two different collectors to keep efficiency constant.
  • With an output of 272 watts, the brand new motor « Digital Efficiency » provides 60% increased performance compared to the previous generation. To put it simply, the suction obtained is similar to that of a more cumbersome sled vacuum cleaner, which is to say that it is a great technical success.
  • Finally, Miele has developed an XXL electrobrush that adds 50 watts of power and automatically adapts its rotation speed for maximum efficiency. It is ideal for cleaning large areas quickly without complicating your life. In addition, you can use specific brushes for long-haired carpets or for parquet and tiles.

4# Smart and efficient design

The Triflex HX2 benefits from a premium design and an impeccable finish. We find in this machine all the German rigor and Miele quality requirements. But what challenges us the most is the design intelligence, all those tricks that make its operation intuitive and pleasant on a daily basis.

Close-up of the front of the Triflex HX2 stick vacuum

The Triflex HX2 upright vacuum cleaner benefits from an impeccable and modern finish.

© Miele

For example, it stands on its own vertically when you want to take a short break or clear the ground before vacuuming, thus avoiding the traditional disaster scene where the vacuum cleaner falls sharply to the ground after having pressed it against a furniture…

A charging wall mount is also comes with every Triflex so it’s always ready to handle and there is even an accessory holder that attaches to the structure. A light is available on the electrobrush to illuminate the area and unearth the dust hiding under the furniture. To sum up, everything is done to make it easier to use and to take the chore out of cleaning.

5# Easy maintenance and hygienic suction

Miele has developed a new function, “Comfort Clean” which facilitates maintenance. Forget the cloud of dust, traces on the floor and repeated sneezing… With this system, the vacuum cleaner launches a cleaning procedure that avoids putting your hands in the filter. It is then enough to open the collector and to empty the dust in a dustbin without doing anything more. For people sensitive or allergic to dust, Miele has also provided several levels of filtrationincluding a HEPA filter that works wonders.

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