5 brazen lies that become “truth” according to Goebbels –

5 brazen lies that become “truth” according to Goebbels –

The MEP from “Democratic Bulgaria” Radan Kanev published on his personal profile a comment in which he describes the lies in the public debate about Russian gas, aimed at changing public opinion. We publish them as text with minimal editing.

Five blatant lies that dominate public debate and become Goebbels’ “truths”:

– Bulgaria has terminated the contract with #Gazprom

The truth: Bulgaria was fulfilling its contract with Gazprom and was against an energy embargo against Russia (a position I disagree with). Gazprom unilaterally stopped supplies to Bulgaria and Poland, later reduced or stopped supplies to others. The Baltic States stopped imports. And they are still alive.

– Russian gas is cheap

The truth: Russian gas, even under a long-term contract, has become more expensive tenfold in 2021. Its prices are closely tied to international stock prices, i.e. it is expensive but also insecure.

– Europe pays for gas in rubles

The truth: There is no evidence that European countries pay in rubles. The position of the EC is extremely clear and repeatedly repeated. Naturally, there are suspicions that some big gas companies are playing tricks, so far they have not been confirmed. Germany, Italy, Greece also have supply problems.

– Bulgaria is highly dependent on gas supplies

The truth: Bulgaria, thank God, has a very weak gas-dependent economy. We do not produce electricity from gas, minimal household gasification. The industry is growing at a record pace because gas is expensive throughout the EU market.

“Toplofication” remains, where strong social measures are needed, as well as help for business.

– There is no other gas except Russian (this one started to wither)

The truth: Everyone now admits that gas is available, but it is expensive. It’s expensive everywhere. The fact that we are in a parliamentary crisis and institutional collapse is a problem of Bulgarian politics, caused by the overthrow of the cabinet. Gazprom will not solve it for us.