30 days until the biggest, most expensive and “strange” FIFA World Cup

Only one more month! Exactly 30 days remain until the start of one of the largest sporting events in history. Surely the upcoming Worlds will be both the most expensive and the strangest ever held!

In the period from November 20th to December 18th, 64 matches will be played in 8 stadiums in Qatar – only the second time that Asia has hosted the World Cup! The selections of the 32 participating countries in the competition will be clear very soon, and the hosts are already ready to welcome the best footballers on the planet.

World Cup 2022 – the strangest in history

This will be the 22nd World Cup in the history of football, but for the first time it will be held in winter – a decision that was met with very mixed feelings by the big powers in the sport. However, the reason is clear – in the summer the temperatures in Qatar are unbearable for football at the highest level. However, the country was chosen as the host and changing the period in which the tournament will be held is just one of many compromises made by FIFA and the organization’s members.

Also only for the second time The World Cup of football will be held in Asia. The first occasion was in 2002, when Japan and South Korea jointly hosted the 32 teams that took part in the competition.

Regardless of what happens in the winter in Qatar, the championship there will forever remain in history as the last one to be held with 32 teams. In 2026 (in the USA, Mexico and Canada) the teams will already be 48!

Qatar 2022 – the most expensive World Cup in history

Initially, it was announced that about 10 billion dollars would be allocated for the World Cup, but this amount remained forgotten. According to the latest data, including from the Qatari side, the entire amount has swelled to 200 billion dollars. This makes the 2022 World Cup the most expensive in history.

Because of the short deadlines and huge prices, FIFA even allowed the hosts to reduce the stadiums from 12 to 8, with between 4.5 and 6 billion dollars allocated for their construction alone. The rest of the investment is for infrastructure, hotels, team bases and many other improvements to the country to accommodate the 32 teams as well as over 1.5 million tourists going to Qatar just for the World Cup.

30 days until the World Cup, but efbet already offers top odds for the matches

Although there is plenty of club football to be played in the coming weeks, the fixtures in the group stage of the tournament are now clear, allowing efbet already to offer top odds for the World of the key battles in the stadiums in Qatar.

The Bulgarian bookmaker offers odds not only for the matches of the first week, but also for a number of them long term events – for the winner; finalists; tournament top scorer; Ballon d’Or winner; winner of the Golden Boot; group winners and more!

World Cup in winter

One of the biggest “dramas” about choosing Qatar as a host was the fact that the heat (even in winter) is unbearable. For this reason, each stadium is equipped with a “high-tech” cooling system, and the most advanced stadiums will “absorb” the energy of the sun to supply enough electricity for the huge air conditioning systems that are installed in the stadiums.

The technological system is unprecedented, promising to be one of the greenest ever invented. If this plan is successful, it is very likely that we will see more and more European stadiums with similar technology, relying on the sun as the main source of energy to power the facilities.


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