3 versions of the death of Petra Kelly

The legendary activist of the German Greens was found shot in her home

They are following the politician friend Gert Bastian, suspected of being a KGB agent

The Stasi monitors it as a counterintelligence measure

In 1983, the world was on the brink of nuclear war, tensions were gradually escalating, and only the efforts of figures of the rank of Petra Kelly managed to bring the politicians into an adequate state. She is a legendary fighter for peace, protested against the war in Vietnam, was received by senior officials of Brezhnev, personally by Erich Honecker and others. She was killed in a mysterious way, and her boyfriend was always suspected of having ties to the secret services.

We offer you an article by the counter-intelligence officer Pavlin Pavlov about her, as he personally knew her and followed her efforts for peace.

In 1981-1985 he was a graduate student in Moscow and prepared a dissertation on the contemporary politics of West Germany. Thanks to this and his stay in the Russian capital, Pavlov witnessed many processes that marked the transition. While working on Germany, he also met Petra Kelly. He is the author of many books.

In April 1991, Petra Kelly made an attempt to re-enter politics, but in the election for Green Speaker she received only 30 votes. Along with this, there are health problems, which probably bind her even more strongly to her 24 years older boyfriend – politician Gert Bastian. He tells relatives: “When Gert is gone, I will be gone too.”

The fatal year 1992 comes and the chronology of their suicide begins.

I remember that the news surprised me in the office. As soon as I heard the widely circulated version that Gert Bastian killed Petra and committed suicide, my nerves boiled over. I couldn’t stand that guy even then. At some point, his senility had to break out somewhere. But such a thing – to kill the person who loved you, despite the age, despite the anger with the rumors surrounding him, despite everything. If only he had fallen for me at that moment, I would have helped him once again to go where he was headed.

Then years passed. They leaked through the media and other versions. On every anniversary of her death, someone organized something in her memory. Slowly and slowly she has become a kind of saint of the old struggles, whom the younger generation worships without knowing her. Like Che Guevara and others. I, on the other hand, decided to return to her other essence, that of an ordinary person devoted to his idea.

Here’s what happens then: In March, a taxi hits Gert and breaks his leg.

For a long time he moved with crutches, and then with a cane. It depressed him. For us who are looking for the truth about that day, it is important that even then Gert had difficulty moving on level ground, let alone on a ladder.

On September 3, Petra, in a meeting with Lukas Beckmann, spoke with disgust about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčending one’s life as a possible solution to the suicide of an acquaintance of theirs. This is in response to the rumors that appeared shortly after the incident that Petra had long and constantly been looking for a “way out” of the situation.

On the 7th of the same month, Petra and Gert discuss in Berlin the opening of their files and make a request to the relevant department, but they receive a negative answer because “they did not indicate their residence addresses correctly”. This leaves Petra with the feeling that someone is preventing them from knowing the truth.

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